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Fast Evictions & Other Landlord Legal Services

Ensure fast evictions, effective notice services, swift trial cases, efficient landlord legal services including jury trials, with the assistance of our experienced trial lawyer in Van Nuys, California. Since 1994, Endler Law, APLC, has provided effective, legal services for both landlords and tenants in need of complex or landlord litigation services. Contact us today at (888) 569-3996 to make an appointment or to learn about renter's myths.

We Take On the Tough Issues
At Endler Law, APLC, we're not afraid to take on the tough, complex cases. As trial lawyers, we will gladly take your case to a court of law, putting all of our knowledge, expertise, and energy into the case to ensure the best possible outcome. Competent and efficient, you can count on us for quality legal services.

Rent Control Evictions
If you're the landlord of a rent-controlled apartment and need to evict a tenant, we can help. We will work with you to remove unlawful tenants, and are knowledgeable about all aspects and nuances of the various rent stabilization ordinances. In fact, we are so familiar with such ordinances that that we can accurately predict your chances of a successful eviction.

Nuisance Evictions
A number of tenant behaviors can legally be construed as nuisances. An unauthorized occupant, actual trespassers, tenants who have behaved offensively for long periods of time, and occupants with criminal-like behavior constitute nuisance tenants. Generally, evictions prosecuted on a nuisance theory take longer to complete and are twice as expensive as the typical eviction.

Jury Trials
Over the last 6 years, we at Endler Law, APLC, have seen a drastic increase in tenants demanding jury trials. Tenants have an absolute right to a jury trial and there is little that landlord attorneys can do to avoid this fact. Therefore, our law firm prides itself on its ability to litigate these jury trials in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.

Townhouses - Landlord Legal Services

Fast Eviction Notice Service

From service of the initial notice to completing a Sheriff's lockout, we get the job done and outpace our competition, providing you with the peace of mind you need  to concentrate on your business.

Landlord As Defendant
Many times, Endler Law, APLC, has been requested to represent the landlord as a defendant either at a restraining order proceeding, a civil harassment proceeding, or even in a federal case alleging housing discrimination. With 19 years of experience behind us, our firm is able to handle any controversy involving landlord/tenant issues.

Post-Foreclosure Cases
Ever since the "mortgage meltdown" of 2007, one of our specialties has been effectuating residential evictions after a foreclosure. Our firm has seen many variations on a theme with respect to evicting former owners from their property. These variations include bankruptcy, presentation of fake leases, use of disreputable and dishonest attorneys, and jury trials.
Because of our varied experience in this field, we are more than ready to handle your particular problem.

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