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Know the Truth About Your Legal Rights

Rent Control & Other Tenant Legal Services

Discover the truth about rent control with tenant legal services from our experienced law firm in Van Nuys, California. Endler Law, APLC, can let you know what rights are real and what rights just might be myth—especially as they relate to rent control situations.

Rent Control
Tenants have rights. If you're in a rent-controlled unit and have been served with an eviction notice from your landlord, we can help. As a rent control tenant, you have more rights than the average tenant, such as relocation assistance in an owner-occupant eviction.  What does this mean to you?  It means that if you don't want to leave your unit, you usually don't have to.

Tenants Really Do Have Rights

Most tenants are very confused about whether their property is in a rent-controlled jurisdiction.  If you're confused, we can help steer you through the legal labyrinth with accurate information and persistent advocacy.


Gavel - Tenant Legal Services

Not All Properties are Rent-Controlled
Only multi-unit housing located either in the city of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica can be subject to rent control in Southern California. Before you commit yourself to a course of action, you should definitely call our office to ascertain whether or not your property is rent- controlled, so that you can make an educated decision.

About Pro Bono Cases
Although we would like to, Endler Law, APLC, cannot represent clients pro bono, or for free. All private attorneys charge their clients for legal representation, and our law firm is no different. We are, however, committed to providing excellent legal representation at a fair price. In most scenarios, we are willing to defend against any eviction for a flat fee paid in advance.


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